What Will I Learn?

The end goal is for you to implement an understanding of how to monetise your business as an independent artist. We break this down into achievable steps.

  • Initial focus on personal development

  • Defining demographics and branding

  • Setting up your business

  • Finding your audience and sound

  • Releasing and promoting your music

  • Dealing with the industry

Course Key Features

  • Engaging Video Lessons

    High-impact video tutorials with actionable concepts and hands-on step by step guidance

  • Expert Advice

    In-depth lessons from real music industry professionals and top guests

  • Comprehensive Knowledge

    360-degree outlook of what's required to succeed as a modern music artist

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Tommy Winn

I recently enrolled on the Puzzle Maker Academy course. Although I have been in the wider industry for 20 years, the original market was something still quite new to me and I felt I needed some guidance in some areas. I had seen what Danny had achieved as an artist and knew what he was teaching were building blocks that could help me hit my own goals. Without that knowledge, it would become a guessing game and learn through trial and error. Not a bad way to learn but I was ready for a strategy based plan and the course really helped me with that. I was pleased to learn that a lot of the skills and processes I already had in place were no different in the original marketplace. I enjoyed revisiting these lessons from a different perspective. The lessons on things I had not considered & I was not already doing were invaluable and worth the course fee alone. If you are completely brand new to the whole industry, I believe this course will offer you so much of the information you need to start building a very successful career. If like me you already have some experience you will be encouraged that much of what you already know is transferable, while at the same time learning completely new things that you simply cannot miss if you want to be successful.

By Puzzle Maker Academy

- Navigating The Music Industry -

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